Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cow Quilts

Imagine This Pasture was an exhibit on display at the Quad City Botanical Center in Rock Island, Illinois.
I was fortunate enough to see it in the fall, when John and I attended the Veteran's Day Quilts of Valor event.

The quilts were made by members of the Mississippi Valley Quilter's Guild.  And I SO ENJOYED their sense of whimsy and humor...
Quilts are like snowflakes -- no two are ever the same!!
The brown cow -- with pink words that say "Moo Shoes".  SO clever!!
Grant Wood would be proud of the American Gothic in trip-tik...
The striped legs are such a good touch, don't you think?
Love the patriotic theme.
If you are looking for a new activity for 2015 -- you could do worse than to join a local Quilt group. Here's the link for the Mississippi Valley Quilt Guild.

They do SO MANY worthwhile events. Getting together to cut and sew squares for the Quilts of Valor is just one of their good deed activities. They also make doll quilts for local children, they do a wonderful quilt show every other year, they have challenges, and fabric exchanges. It sounds like a ROCKING good time if you ask me!!

Quilt/sewing guilds across the country are always looking for a few good women!! I don't care if you are new to sewing or if you've been doing it all your life -- there is NO BETTER GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD than women who sew. Surround yourself with them -- you can do no better.

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