Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Commercials

As we celebrate the NEW YEAR -- this is a good time to share what I think were the the BEST and the WORST television commercials for 2014. (God, I love YouTube)

Humor sells stuff.  I believe that -- and I am a big fan of humor.  But it has to make sense...both of these commercials think they're funny.  But one of them makes sense -- the other one does not...

First of all -- the WORST commercial this year was this Skittles commercial. Every time I see it, I wonder how it ever got made. I cannot imagine the people in the board room of any advertising agency allowing this idea to go forward...I mean -- who do they think this particular commercial would appeal to? It is AWFUL. Listen up, Skittles -- this commercial did you more harm than good...

Now to my favorite 2014 commercial. The Dollar Shave Club is making awesome commercials. They are so great -- I want to buy something from them. Take note, companies-trying-to-sell-me- something -- THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT...You have GOT TO LOVE THE INTERNET.  Go to the link and watch all their commercials.  They are hilarious

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