Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Switch-R-OO

This week, the middle of July -- the weather in Iowa has been unusually mild. Gorgeous, even. Clear blue skies and cool temps. 50 degrees at night, and 70's during the day....??? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT??

Meanwhile -- the people living in the Seattle/Tacoma area (where I have many wonderful friends) -- have been enduring (and non-stop bitching about) some sweltering 100+ temperatures...
Linda B. posted this on her Facebook page...outside temp 109????

Which only proves what I have long suspected. If there is a God -- he has a wacko sense of humor.

He sent the hot humid Iowa summer weather to Washington State. And we got what you people were planning on....

I've gotta take another look at this religious thing...

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  1. Sunday, 7/20, only reached maybe 70 in Seattle/Tacoma and it's normal again. Though we really need rain in north-central WA to douse the horrible fires.