Thursday, July 31, 2014

Project Runway

Did you know they recently started a new season of Project Runway??

HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? As you know, I watch a lot of television -- and I never even saw a commercial for the new season.

The only reason I knew it happened was because my DVR was scheduled to tape all new episodes -- so it turned up on my list of recorded shows.

Of course, I was delighted, and I sat down, made a pot of coffee -- and watched Tim Gunn "On the way to the Runway" (introduction of the new designers).  AND the first episode.

Now I am confused....and disappointed.

For years now, Project Runway has gone bonkers with their product placement. I get that -- and mostly, it doesn't bother me. I understand that they sew on Brother sewing machines -- and there will be bigtime mention, because they are a sponsor. And the revolving "Accessory Wall" is such a joke.  They've had more sponsors on that wall than Murphy Brown had secretaries....THAT could be it's own television reality many can you name?  Banana Republic, Macy's, Bluefly, Piperlime, Lord and Taylor, Belk...this year it's ALDO.  (isn't that a dog food?  No, that's ALPO...sorry)...

But then, it's the RANDOM sponsors that annoy the hell out of me. It's crazy...they have to mention the bottled water they drink...and those placements are so forced and odd. Remember the yogurt challenge?? Well, this year, Samsung gave them a refrigerator for the break apparently, there will be a lot more scenes shot THERE as opposed to in the actual sewing room. And I am preparing myself for the challenge week when they have to go INTO the beautiful Samsung refrigerator and try to create a garment with bologna, carrots and milk cartons...

Mostly, I hated who the judges picked as the winner....I thought Heidi bullied the other judges into seeing this dress her way...and I just didn't get it.

Old kitchen curtain fabric -- raveled at the edges -- with those very odd torn sleeve caps...WHA?
Because it's not like they didn't have some great choices....there were many other outfits that I would have placed in front of that mess...
THIS would have been my pick as the winner of this weeks' challenge...

As always, I will continue to tune in on Thursday nights. But I feel like I'm the only person STILL WATCHING Project Runway. If Laura Mendoza and Connie Tkach are not watching, I think this could be the last season...


  1. I'm still watching it! But I have to agree with you, that is the last outfit I would have chosen. I also get tired of the constant product placement mentions. Can't wait to see what they do with the Samsung placement!

  2. Hey, I've been posting my weekly PR report on FB! Kind of sort of rooting for the girl who's part Puyallup indian. Always have to start with the local connections first :-) I didn't get the winning look either.