Friday, July 18, 2014

Movies We Both Enjoy

Also -- having a DVR has changed my television viewing habits. I cannot remember NOT having a DVR...

Right now, I have 9 movies in the que.  Lilly calls these, "movies we would both enjoy".  My rule is, no cartoons or Princess movies. We watched Parent Trap last weekend, and we both loved Goonies,
In this movie, Lillian learned that even though a person may look scary and abnormal, they could still be good and kind...and it's what's on the INSIDE that counts...

Pretty in Pink, (there was sewing! remember that classic from the 80's?), Matilda, Black Beauty, Fly Away Home...anything where the kids are the hero's, or they have to think their way out of a situation.
And, of course, we love ANY STORY ABOUT DOGS...this one was a winner!
Even though Lillian is only 5 years old, she and I both enjoyed Akeelah and the Bee...
Lilly and I had a lot to talk about after watching this movie.

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