Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Blog Break...

Best made plans and all that...

Last week, I was supposed to go to Shipshewana -- and I posted some blogs in advance of that trip, thinking I would be gone...

But -- as it turned out, I did not go to Shipshewana.

On Monday night, my dear friend Bert's husband died unexpectedly.

I cancelled my trip. 

Then, my Uncle Melvin died on Thursday....

I'm glad I was home.  But, of course -- I am sad.  So I'm taking a blog break.

TONIGHT --  ask your husband what his wishes are -- and tell him what your wishes are.   It is a very difficult conversation to have...but trust me -- a ten minute talk NOW, when you are both feeling well and in your right minds will save you days of worry later on. 

Where does he want to be buried?

Put together a single file with all the important information about your wills, insurance policies, bank accounts, retirement plans, mortgages, loans, funeral arrangements, etc.

Make sure you both know where the file is.  Write each other a letter, seal the envelope, and put your letters in the file.

Do it right now....


  1. So sorry for your losses, it is a hard time, I know personally. My husband and I had done all the things you said you should do except write the letters to one another. I wish we would have thought of that, he passed away a year ago March. Will miss reading your blog every morning but take all the time you need to heal and helped the loved ones left behind. I will be praying for their healing. Sue from Lake Tapps, WA

  2. Prayers going out for you and all your loved ones! Thanks for the nudge to have the conversations and get the paperwork in order.