Monday, December 31, 2012

Still No Baby

Still no baby.

But it is SUCH AN EXCITING TIME. The fact that there will be a new little person coming into our lives soon... I wonder who he or she will be. How he/she will change our lives....or view the world. It is SUCH A BIG CHANGE. Especially for our Lillian...who, of course, believes the world revolves around her.

On Christmas morning -- John and I and Ross went up to Low Moor to watch Lilly open her gifts from Santa. Emily's parents, Kathy and Fred were also there. So this little girl, surrounded by seven adoring adults, opened her gifts one by we were snapping pictures and enjoying each moment.

After maybe a dozen gifts, she sat back on her legs (exhausted) and said, "So many presents. Was I good or what?

Baby Farro is arriving just in time. Enertaining all these people is a really big job for one little girl.

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