Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maternity Sweater DIY

While thrifting (BIG SURPRISE)-- I found this gorgeous beaded cashmere sweater. Size Medium. Hummm...that would fit Emily. Well -- kinda...except for the baby bump...

It's not easy to dress up for the holidays when you're 8 months pregnant --

This is a better picture of the modification. The first thing I did was cut away the bottom half of the front of the sweater...I cut a gentle curve on both sides of the baby bump -- down to the side seam...Then, I faced the raw edge with a strip of thin black t-shirt knit.
Since the boobs are a much bigger deal when you're 8 months pregnant -- The SECOND step to complete the alteration was to use the cut-away part of the button placket to create this double-breasted effect.

Emily is a stunning young pregnant woman. I CAN HARDLY WAIT for Baby #2...

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