Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that starts off with all the best intentions. It's about a loving God -- and sharing time and gifts with your family and friends. What can go wrong, eh?

Obviously -- there are a million ways Christmas can go wrong. It seems to me the biggest problem is our own unrealistic expectations.  The trouble starts as soon as you fall in love with that picture in your head -- the beautiful table, the perfectly decorated Christmas tree, the delicious prime rib roast, the thoughtful conversations with smiling family members...

We've all been there. No matter how well you plan it -- somebody is going to be a no-show. Or arrive two hours late. Or start an argument. The tree will fall over. The kids will start fighting. Or -- worse yet -- they won't stop TEXTING. The roast will be overcooked or raw. And the conversation takes a turn towards politics. Ugh...

In a nanosecond -- your Christmas goes from Miracle on 34th Street to Nightmare on Elm Street...

Hey -- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Every family has the same issues.


Forgive them. Listen to them -- no matter how much you might disagree or take exception to what they are saying. Try to see it from their point of view. Realize that the food is NOT THE POINT...and the truth is -- nobody cares about, nor will they remember how your bathroom was decorated.

The memory that lasts for a lifetime is always the same -- it's about THE WAY YOU MADE THEM FEEL.


Your job is simple. No matter what else happens at Christmas -- make sure they know this one thing.

They are loved by you...

Merry Christmas!!


P.S. There will be no nativity scene in Washinton D.C. this year due to the shortage of wise men. We only needed 3. (The search for a virgin continues, however.)

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