Monday, December 17, 2012

Pinterest and Clotheslines

I had no idea there were more than 300 pins on my Pinterest "Laundry" board. Hey -- I grew up on a farm in a family with six kids so there was a LOT OF laundry. Monday was always wash day. And -- what can I say? Even though most of us do laundry every day of the week (and NONE of us has six kids) -- Monday morning, I always wake up in the mood to do laundry...

And I am DELIGHTED when I can hang my sheets outside on my clotheslines...I love the picture of this wicker basket with the wooden stand...

This photo is a complete work of art. Really...the light, the shadows, the chickens...!!

This picture snaps me back to my Iowa childhood.  I can see my Mom, hanging up the sheets, with us little girls holding the basket for her...

I don't do many things the same way my mother did them. But I do LOVE to hang out my sheets every Monday. Sometimes I even do it in the snow.
And I am quite sure Mom would HAVE LOVED PINTEREST...!!

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  1. Hanging clothes outside to dry is such a treat in western Washington!