Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Okay -- once I decided to make a new wool bat for Ross -- I needed to figure out a duvet cover. Of course I could make one....but nothing really popped out at the fabric stores. Masculine bedding is tough. He's too old for sports themed bedding -- isn't he??

So, I cruised the internet...there are a bizillion websites....and most of what I saw that would work for a 35 year old guy was boring, denim, plaid or WORSE -- poly-cotton...

Until I got to the Target website!! OH MY GOD....Here it is....drumroll....YES!! A 100% cotton duvet cover with a fabulous graphic picture of a bridge. It was $79 -- and I was SOLD!!

Then -- still cruising the Target website -- it suddenly occurred to me that I should MAKE A NEW DUVET FOR MY OWN BED. Because my bedroom is due for a re-do -- and the wool batt we currently use is too small...and I hate to admit it -- but I have a wallpaper BORDER in that room...(what were we thinking in the 80's?)...

Maybe I can find something inspiring enough to make me want to tackle that room...



THAT'S RIGHT....IT'S A MISSONI duvet cover....!!

HOLY COW!! I HAVE THE BEST LUCK EVER...This is simply too good to be true. And it was ON SALE -- WITH FREE SHIPPING.

I started dancing around in my living room...I am in heaven.

The Missoni duvet arrived first -- and the quality of the cotton is superb. I am completely delighted and ALL EXCITED about my complete bedroom make-over. New paint -- new window treatments -- it's LONG OVERDUE...

Of course -- there will be pictures!!

And I'm pretty sure I get to paint a large graphic design on my ceiling...

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