Friday, December 2, 2011

Bemidji Wool Batt

Okay -- there still might be time for you to make a wool batt for a Christmas present for somebody you love. I wish I would've thought of this sooner -- but it only really occurred to me when I was visiting Ross. He recently purchased a BRAND NEW MATTRESS...and his bed was actually MADE. I was very impressed. But the very old, ancient wool batt had a big vertical tear in the 75-year-old-fabric...

Of course, my brain instantly went to how I could FIX IT FOR HIM....But that would involve him bringing it down to Iowa, and he isn't going to do that. Then -- it hit me like a brick -- I could MAKE A BRAND NEW WOOL BATT for his brand new bed. So I called my friends at Bemidji Woolen Mills -- 888-751-5166. If you click here -- you'll go to their website...

I ordered a brand new wool batt for Ross's bed...Queen size, 3 1/2 pounds of wool, covered in cheesecloth, for only $93.00

So I am very excited to have an actual Christmas project to sew for Ross...although, I will have to wait and see if it actually FITS into his life. With Ross, it's always taking a chance. Because once he decides he likes something -- HE HATES CHANGE.

The good news is that I have learned to not take it personal... Because if Ross loves this old, soft, comfy wool batt he has on his bed -- that's fine with me, too.

Like so many other wonderful things in my life -- I learned about wool batt from Mary Mulari. So when I was writing my book, "Dress Your Dream Bed" -- I wrote about wool batt versus down...and it was quite an education.

I never could sleep under a down comforter -- because I'd get clammy and sweaty in about 20 minutes. Although I like wool blankets -- they are scratchy -- and make for heavy bedding...

But wool batt is a completely different animal. It comes from Bemidji covered in cheesecloth -- so I'll make a more permanent covering out of two white sheets...and hand-tie at intervals...

Ten years ago, my sister Ronda and I made many wool batt comforters. Her daughter Amy recently sent her large king size comforter back to Bemidji to be "recarded". (They use the same carding machine they've been using since 1904...and I believe the cost was $40 or $50.)

Amy says, "I used to be a big down comforter girl -- but depending on the weather, I would get sweaty -- and it was way too warm for my husband, Bill. And the down would get clumpy. Whereas the wool batt is a consistent layer -- it never feels heavy and we both sleep comfortably under it all year long. We just love it."

So -- order your wool batt today! When I called 888-751-5166 to order Ross's batt -- the owner of the company -- Bill Batchelder -- answered the phone!!

Talk about MADE IN AMERICA??!!


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  1. I had been thinking of re-creating a quilt my husband's grandmother had made and another idea has come forth. Why not make a duvet cover with the pieced quilt and use the wool batting inside. We have a down comforter that I dislike because I start sweating and the wool batt might be a good compromise.
    I went to the website for Bemidji and the shipping prices to Oregon were reasonable.
    Thanks for passing along a Made in the US of A company.