Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mary's 2018 Visit Itinerary!!

From the outside, looking in, my life looks spontaneous.  AND IT IS. I like to think I am open to all-new-things, and I love it when something unexpected and wonderful comes along. I am a girl who can "go with the flow"...

BUT, a big part of ENJOYING EACH AND EVERY DAY is that I enjoy planning things...and I'm good at it. For any event or occasion, it's good to know who's going to be there, what we're going to do, what we'll eat, where we'll go, see and do...

A Good time doesn't just happen, people!!  And when you have very limited time (Mary's visits to Iowa, for example) -- it's good to know, in advance, if people are available, who's gonna do what, etc. That way -- it can all look spontaneous and effortless!!(yes, that was blog sarcasm)...

Here is the tentative schedule for Mary's 2018 Iowa Visit:

Thursday: Mary gets in at 4:30...she'll be hungry -- we'll go out and start our catch-up visit...

Friday: TMBC Day Trip to Clinton.
  • Breakfast @ Mama and Bubba's
  • Deja Vous
  • Bargain Bonanza
  • Thompson Antique store
  • Fulton, Krumpets for sew and tell lunch
  • John will make spaghetti and meatballs, and the E team will come over for supper. We'll play games with kids.

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