Wednesday, January 3, 2018


After the longest ramp-up in gift history -- Today -- THE FIVE OF US ARE IN CHICAGO, GOING TO SEE HAMILTON.  This is Lilly's Christmas gift.  Which I gave to her in May. 
Lilly and her four honorary-Grandmas.  (Sandy, Jackie, me and Linda K).
It will be my second time! I went in June with Kim and Linda...
In August, I gave the kids a surprise trip to Chicago -- a pre-Hamilton run...
Jackie and I took the kids on the train...
And we walked to the theater.
We ate at the Beef 'n Brandy
And, finally -- TODAY IS THE DAY. The real deal. Our trip to Chicago to see the wonderful play, Hamilton.  THANK YOU, LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA..!!

During our trial run in August, the weather was, of course, VERY HOT.  This week, it will be TEN BELOW ZERO.  YIKES.  The weather sucks, sucks, sucks.

The wind chill in Chicago is gonna be something like 35 below zero...

So, do you think that'll make it harder to get a cab??

Wish us luck...

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