Wednesday, January 10, 2018

HAMILTON: Part Three

Jeff's selfie outside the Theater..!!

Act Two:
I was hoping a little cat nap would be all Lilly needed....and it was.  During the intermission, we went out to buy some candy and “merch” (Jeff taught her a new word) -- and she perked right up. She was completely riveted during the second act...and when they got to the song where Phillip is killed, she handed me a Kleenex...(just like she always does in the car, when we are listening to the Hamilton CD).

The show itself is an unbelievable elegant work of art.

If you've seen Hamilton, you know what I mean. The dancing, the choreography, the set...there is a high balcony where the actors would go to depict distance....and the main center stage is a circle that rotates, and has a second ring that rotates around that main circle.

And if you haven't seen Hamilton -- MAKE IT YOUR MISSION FOR 2018.  

I am not a sophisticated theater-goer (see -- I don't even know the right WORD to use)...and nobody needs me to write a review of this show. Thousands of rave reviews have been written and published about Hamilton.

But I'd like to express how special this day was. How important Hamilton has become to both me and Lilly. It became our thing...and her vehicle. She discovered she could sing. And she has an ability to memorize huge lines of verse and dialog. Who knew? Not only that -- but she isn't one bit shy about performing...and for the last six months, she's been singing Hamilton at the drop of a hat. At my friends' homes, the Princeton Talent Show, the County Fair,  my dentist, the bank...on train rides, at luncheons...HOLY COW -- IT'S BEEN JUST AMAZING....

The ramp up to this day has been THE BEST FUN EVER....Starting last Spring, when my friend Linda told us her daughter Kim bought a coupla single tickets for them to see the show...and I tagged along.   I got the CD at the library...and Lilly fell in love.

And, of course, we got to make those wonderful outfits and accessories...

I'm going to carry this purse until it falls apart...On the night before the show, I was decorating my purse, and Lilly was putting the finishing touches on her jacket...
I've already got to wear it twice -- and I hope to do it again one day...
Lilly's jacket was a big hit!!  (on our way to the ladies room, she could have sold it twice)

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