Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spring Quilt Market

This is the post intended for yesterday....


This week, I am finally getting around to blogging about Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. It was such an exciting trip -- I almost don't know where to start.

No. That's not true. I always knew I'd start with THE TRAIN FROM THE AIRPORT...

The train runs every ten minutes -- and it takes you from the airport directly downtown. For $2.50.
I watched a video on YouTube. (thanks, Lynn Huber)
I put a $20 bill into the machine, and got all these $1 coins back as change.
There were lots of different dead white guys on these coins (along with one Susan B. Anthony, and several Sacagawea)
My hotel room was GREAT! (thank you, Schmetz Needles and Inspired To Sew Magazine)
Ten minutes after my arrival...
Without even trying -- I turn a beautiful hotel room into a pig sty. I don't do it in purpose...it just always happens.

The next morning, I was leaving early to get over to the Convention Center for Schoolhouse. I took one look at my room, IT WAS A DISASTER...

I remembered a conversation I had with Ross,  years ago.

He had a job that required lots of travel, often 20 nights a month in a motel. I told him he should always tip the maid. He said:

"I know being a hotel maid is a sucky job. I watched a television show and they showed why each room takes 30 minutes to clean. It is back-breaking work -- changing all those beds, dealing with the dirty linens, bringing in clean towels, restocking the little soaps and shampoos, vacuuming the carpet whether it needs it or not. The thing is -- I don't care about any of that. So, I put the 'DO NOT DISTURB" sign on my door every day. I figure the maid is getting a 30 minute break. Instead of money -- which I can't afford -- I'm giving her the gift of time..."

I'm telling you -- it's hard to argue with a thinker...


  1. I concur! the do not Disturb sign helps to keep them from seeing how we live in a hotel. I set up my sewing machine and try to only leave a trash full of scraps and threads. Lucky you get to have your hotel comped by Schmetz and Inspired to Sew.

  2. Seattle's Link light rail runs from airport to downtown Seattle.