Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday -- The VENDOR FLOOR!!

Friday is the day the SHOW FLOOR OPENS...OMG....the fabric, the quilts, the incredible booth designs!!   There may be a more beautiful trade show somewhere in the world -- but I can't imagine.

Spring Quilt Market is ALL ABOUT THE FABRIC...and the very best quilt shops from all over the world come here to see what's new, so they can buy it and be the first to offer it to their customers. There is so much to see..words cannot do it justice. So I'm hoping these pictures will give you an idea...
Walking the show floor, it's fun to run into friends!  Hello Anita Covert and daughter Anne...owners of one of the largest quilt shops in America.  Country Stitches in Lansing, Michigan.
Hello, Luveta Nickels and her sisters!!  What a nice surprise...
Hey -- a girl's gotta eat.  Me, Mary Mulari and Deanna Springer!!  SO MUCH FUN, EH??
I need this seam gauge for my Featherweight!!
The samples in every booth are stunning.
LOVE the chair!!
Tired of quilting?  Just rip it into strips and tie it together to make curtains!!

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  1. I bought that Ideal Seam Gauge at Expo! A couple of my 4-H kids have used it. The ones selling the seam gauge told me they are working with 4-H to add it to our 4-H catalog as an item for purchase. It would be stamped with the 4-H logo.