Monday, June 6, 2016

Cincinnati Zoo

If you are living under a rock, maybe you didn't hear about the 4-year old boy who climbed, crawled, and eventually fell into the gorilla pit at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The dangerous animal response team shot and killed the much-loved 17 year old, 400 pound gorilla, Harambe.

This unfortunate incident has been the subject of MUCH conversation and controversy, and it is with some hesitation that I'm gonna weigh in today...

First of all, there was an uproar from animal lovers all over the world who think the killing of this beautiful, endangered gorilla was a rush to judgment and an extreme, unnecessary measure.

Secondly, there was an uproar from another faction of very judgemental people who are Mommy-shaming the young mother who let her four-year old climb into the pit in the first place.

Although I avoid controversy on this blog -- I disagree with both groups.  OF COURSE THE ZOO DID THE RIGHT THING.  That boy's life was in danger.  No zoo worker was ever allowed to go into that pit with Harambe.  He could crush a coconut with one hand, for crying out loud.  A tranquilizer would take too long -- the zoo had no choice but to kill Harambe.

And, as for the Mommy-shaming -- when was the last time you had to watch a four year old boy?  They are GREASED LIGHTENING.  Quicker than quick...that's for sure.   And, if they are being honest, any mother of boys will admit that, at one time or another, she lost track of him...

But, here's the reason I'm posting.  If that young Mom was like 99% of all the other young parents in America -- the chances are VERY HIGH that she was on her smartphone.

And that's where I have a problem.  Every place I go nowadays -- children are being ignored because their parents are ON THEIR DAMNED PHONES.  At school functions, at McDonald's, at ball games, at parks, AT THE ZOO...parents have their noses buried in their I-phones.  These young parents ARE COMPLETELY MISSING whatever it is their kids are doing.  They only take notice after the child falls off the monkey bars...(or into the gorilla pit??)

So, here's the deal -- I'll defend that young mother...AFTER we see her cellphone records.  Other people at the zoo that day reported that she was on her phone...Was she??

Honestly -- I know this is my new-rant-and-you-are-sick-of-hearing-it...BUT the price we are paying for this cellphone addiction behavior is HUGE.


You are, at the very least, missing your kid's childhood..and maybe even putting them in danger.  And for what?  You are looking at pictures from people you don't know or can't remember -- or you're playing ridiculous, addictive Facebook games for imaginary points.

You really, really SHOULD be ashamed...

And if that young Mom was on her phone at 3:50 PM that day -- (Harambe was killed at 4:05) she CERTAINLY SHOULD BE ASHAMED.  And she should spend the rest of her life paying back the city of Cincinnati for one priceless, beautiful, irreplaceable, endangered gorilla....

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