Saturday, June 25, 2016

Girlfriend Travel

One of the things I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO DO is Girlfriend Travel.  If my life is working right, I have at least a day trip once a month. Sometimes longer...

For example -- right this minute -- I'm on a week long trip with my sister Ronda.

In July, I'll be enjoying our First Annual Sister Sewing Getaway Weekend.

Well -- you get the idea!!

So -- I'm reposting my BEST TIP about girlfriend travel:  (originally written in 2011)


HAVE A "MONEY kitty". Of course, like so many good things in my life -- this wisdom came from my friend Mary Mulari. My most frequent girlfriend-to-travel-with. Mary and I have SEEN THE WORLD, people!! A "money kitty" makes soooo much sense....Here we are -- enjoying a lovely lunch.

My sisters and I used the "kitty" when we went to Ireland -- and it saved so much time and aggravation. There were four of us, and we paid for the rental car and the gas out of the kitty -- the tolls, admissions, etc. Every time it got low -- we'd all just chuck in another $20 (or whatever)...

These feet belong to my sister Deborah and her "girls". When we went to New York City the kitty saved us hours of figuring things out... For example, if we wanted to have a picnic in the park -- we'd just go into Whole Foods, pick up some of that great NYC take-out food and pay for it out of the "kitty"....cabs came out of the for luggage came out of the kitty...

They kitty does not apply if you're traveling with Gail Brown -- because she insists on paying for everything...

But MOST OF THE TIME -- especially when you're traveling with girlfriends -- a "money kitty" makes great sense. Hey -- if you're a BIG GROUP -- the restaurants you eat in will be very relieved they don't have to deal with "separate checks"....and maybe all you want to eat is two big orders of nachos and 3 pieces of cheesecake!!
SO -- the next time you plan a "girlfriend trip" -- make a special little zipper bag for the "kitty". It'll be a nice souvenir, too. Mary's flat zipper technique is PERFECT...


I should be back in the blogging-saddle-with some new, original thoughts on Monday. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY FEATHERWEIGHT RETREAT. Did I mention the fact that we're going to be hanging out with Jenny Doan?? YES -- WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES!!!

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