Friday, June 3, 2016

Moline Airport

I am very, very fortunate to have a sweet little airport only 45 minutes from my house. It's in Moline, Illinois -- and I do have to cross a bridge over the Mississippi River to get to it. But, other than that -- it is ALMOST PERFECT.

Except for the parking. Ugh. The parking. It is always a long, long walk to get from the parking lot to the airport. And when you're dealing with luggage, and the nowadays mandatory airport security, that walk can be a real pain in the ass.

Last week, on the day I was leaving for Salt Lake City -- THIS HAPPENED...
Yes, that is the airport building in the picture.  And THAT VACANT PARKING SPACE IS #2 in the first line of NON-HANDICAPPED parking spaces.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.  There was a red van pulling out, and I asked her to stop so I could take the picture...(she's just out of frame, laughing, but preventing anybody from taking the spot as I photograph it...we had to be quick)
Moline has a sweet little art gallery you can walk through on your way to security (I have never seen anybody do that)
It is always, always empty...
Really -- like this every single time...
At my sweet little airport, they actually PROVIDE ziplock bags, just in case you forgot...(which everybody does)
On every flight this time, I was TSA PRE APPROVED...which is something like hitting the lottery. You get to go to a separate line, (with just a few other selected special people) don't have to take your shoes off, etc. 
I didn't think too much of it at the time -- I was too busy being grateful for my good luck. But why was I TSA pre-approved? Do they have some new data that shows fat girls can't be terrorists? I tried to see what we all had in common, my fellow TSA-Pre group...but I couldn't figure it out.  We were men and women. Fat and skinny. Short and Tall. We were a diverse if it's just a random thing, then isn't it bogus?  Then -- what's the point?

Yeah...I'm gonna quit on this line of thinking while I'm still ahead...
Moline is a sweet little airport, with lots of connecting flights, and I have always loved going there.
The new mural is exceptional...
And the carpet is, like all airport and hotel carpets, AWESOME...!!


  1. One of the coolest carpets I've encountered was at the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, WI right across from the capitol. The lobby carpet is a subtle map of the city. I looked at it for two days before I realized that's what it was.

  2. Rita, I too am TSA pre. I think it has something to do with our ages. I started getting it when I was 67.