Friday, November 27, 2015

Our October Road Trip

I don't do Black Friday shopping. As a matter of fact, I'd rather light my hair on fire and put it out with a hammer.

So, in that spirit -- I'm going to get back to some normal blogging and act like that whole Black Friday thing is not happening...

In October, John and I celebrated our 45th anniversary. Wow. I don't know who's surprised more -- me or John.  Believe me, it was not a slam-dunk...l

John does not enjoy travel. Or parties. Or people for that matter...So, our celebrating is often a little road trip -- just the two of us. In October -- we love going to Wisconsin...
John always does ALL the driving.  I try to find a book on tape he will enjoy. (or, at least tolerate).
The farmers were busy picking the crops.
Although, there was still a lot of standing corn.
One of our favorite destinations is Pike's Peak -- near McGregor, Iowa.
The views of the Mississippi are incredible

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