Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Thanksgiving

And, hey -- if you're reading this blog because your Thanksgiving sucks and you are feeling lonely and sad -- BUCK UP. You're not alone. Remember -- the very BEST thing about Thanksgiving is that it is JUST ONE DAY. That's all it is.

Read a book, take a nap, walk on the treadmill -- SEW A T-SHIRT DRESS.

Or, honestly -- forget doing anything worthwhile.  Eat whatever you want.  IT'S JUST ONE DAY.  Eat a whole pan of fudge. Find the recipe on my Pinterest boards -- I know the fudge is there...
Homemade hot chocolate sauce!!  For just today -- consider chocolate a Food Group!!
I can personally attest to the delicious nature of this salted caramel corn...
Wanna try fry bread?  Maybe today is the day.  Look it up on the Internet...
FRIED POTATOES has always been my personal go-to comfort food.  DO IT...

While enjoying a day of guilty pleasure junk food -- fall into your television!!

Get this --  HGTV has a marathon of Fixer Upper.  The Discovery Channel is running a marathon of NAKED AND AFRAID...and if that's not enough entertainment, TLC is running Who Do You Think You Are?  all day.

If you have On Demand -- OH MY GOD, WATCH Nurse Jackie.  I watched the first six seasons in about a week, and I can't remember when I ever enjoyed a television show more. Great writing, complex characters, interesting, fast-paced stories.

With On Demand, the possibilities are could watch five seasons of Dance Moms!!  Or Three seasons of the Real Housewives of New York City!!  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the House of DVF.  (Diane Von Furstenburg).  There are only two seasons, but it's WAY better than Project Runway.

Thanks for reading my blog today. If you feel like you were nearly pecked to death by a turkey --  remember.  IT'S JUST ONE DAY.

Enjoy the chocolate.  You deserve it...

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