Friday, November 20, 2015

My Love Affair with New Glarus

As you know, once a week, I try to have a real visit with a friend. It can be a local lunch -- or a little day trip. (I am long overdue for a visit with Anne in Cedar Rapids.)

This fall, as the leaves were turning -- I met my friend Deanna in New Glarus, Wisconsin. She lives in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and I live in Princeton, Iowa. Last year we hooked up in Mineral Point, Wisconsin....and this year, we picked New Glarus. It was about a 2 hour drive for each of us.
Our plan was to meet at the Swiss Historical Village.
The front door
A wooden sculpture of a Swiss Alp animal?
I had to show the animal first -- so you wouldn't think Deanna was growing horns in this picture...
A wall map of the actual Glarus, Switzerland
Deanna, with our tour guide, John.
Yes, it's a cannon. And yes, we think we're hot stuff...
There are many little buildings in the Historical Village.  This one was fascinating...
On the outside of the Bee Hotel.  (the inside, the hives are on one side, like a post office -- and the lets-make-honey kitchen is on the other side.  Genius.)
Of course, a replica school
This wasn't actually so long ago
At the end of the tour, in the church, John let Deanna sit down and play the organ. From the 1800's. She did some kind of irreverent ragtime number...and our tour guy John loved it...
Yes, there was some fried cheese....
Deanna and I had the perfect day. We laughed, we talked, we caught up on each other's lives. In a way friends simply MUST DO every now and then. Touch base, y'know?? AND, on this particular occasion, we also learned something. Which I will write about later....

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