Friday, September 25, 2015


EVERY WOMAN has a specific "purse criteria".

My well-known perfect purse requirements are:
  • More East/West than North/South
  • An adjustable cross-body strap
  • Outside pockets on both sides for my keys, cellphone, airline tickets and camera.
My favorite zebra purse was a gift from my cousin Jackie. She heard so much about my criteria, she got everything right!
I'm holding my best Franken-purse -- and Linda is holding a purse I modified for her...
Linda P. brought her jeans bag to our TMBC sew and tell...PRE-MADE pockets for the outside. Love it...
My sister Deb is always making these extraordinary bags!  SO COLORFUL...
There never was a more appreciated, well-traveled, well-loved tote bag! (Thanks again, Inspired To sew Jan!)
When I showed you this picture of Linda's new Franken-purse, I said the white strap was not quite right...
And wasn't it too bad I couldn't find just the right adjustable ORANGE strap??  THEN, of course, Ritaluck intervened -- but I forgot to write the follow up blog post... won't believe it!!

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