Monday, September 28, 2015

Linda's Purse Upgrade!!

So, you remember this purse started with a 95 cent treasure from a thrift store...
Linda loved the graphic orange flower...but the strap was was too short, and it needed an outside key/phone pocket...
I added a long adjustable strap, and a small cosmetic bag made the perfect pocket.

Linda LOVED the purse -- but the white strap was wrong. I made it out of cotton fabric, and it was too lightweight, and kept slipping on the hardware...making it suddenly TOO LONG...and I kept looking for JUST THE RIGHT orange adjustable strap.
OF COURSE, a week later -- RITALUCK!! I found this little zipper cooler deal...with an orange strap.

With the perfect orange hardware -- making the length adjustable!!
I cut off the white strap, and sewed on the orange strap instead.
I left about 6" of the old orange strap (because it was secured to the purse with some very clever fringing)
Yes, it is good to be me....

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