Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Lunch -- Mending Jeans

I rarely see my friend Barb from high school. Recently, we were meeting for lunch and she asked me if I still enjoyed mending blue jeans. I said, yes, it was actually one of my preferred sewing activities. She insisted on buying my lunch.  Now, I have NINE pair of jeans to work on....I am excited!!

My secret is to do a lot of IRONING ON THE PATCH -- long before there is any actual sewing. In this case, the patch underneath was a pretty good match to the jeans fabric...(often, I use t-shirt fabric instead)

And you know my secret for adding a little t-shirt hem to the bottom of worn-out jeans...
In the long run, the t-shirt hem will wear out, too.
I just cut off the worn out bit -- and added a NEW t-shirt hem. Of course, it makes the pants 1/2 inch shorter each time...but there seems to be some magic happening. Because they are still John's favorite jeans...and I think he wears his belt lower...so the shorter length isn't a problem...lol...
I recently repaired a BACK pocket on John's favorite pair of jeans -- which is nearly impossible.

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