Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rita's Television Schedule

When I was writing yesterday's blog, I intended to write about my uncanny ability to pollute an otherwise normal, tasteful person with my trashy television habits.  I consider it my own, unique, evil gift.  THAT WAS ACTUALLY THE WHOLE POINT OF THE BLOG POST.

But then, alas, I got lost in the world that is this year's Bachelor show...and forgot the point I was trying to make...
Consider the sad case of the always professional, sophisticated, tasteful Rhonda Pierce, Marketing Director for Schmetz Needles. We've traveled together often enough that I'm worried she is  addicted to DANCE MOMS -- (one of my favorite whack-a-doodle reality shows)
And after years of not having television as a part of her life (she only had a BASIC cable package). Well -- guess what? After she went back to Minnesota this year -- SHE STARTED WATCHING THE BACHELOR...
To make it easier for you, I'm giving you my current line-up:

Monday: Bachelor; Celebrity Apprentice (soon to be replaced by The Voice); Catfish (on MTV, about people who are having internet relationships with people who are not real); Vanderpump Rules

Tuesday: Dance Moms, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Chicago Fire, Child Genius

Wednesday:  American Idol, Goldbergs, The Americans (BEST new show -- about spies who implant themselves in America)

Thursday:  American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, The Blacklist, Scandal, Project Runway All-Stars, Rehab Addict, 

Friday:  A bad night for television....But, we do have Hawaii Five-O (my new obsession show...a cross between the A Team and Blue Bloods)...and then, too, Shark Tank.  I love, love, love Mr. Wonderful.  YOU ARE DEAD TO my newest favorite phrase.  Although, I'm having a hard time fitting it into regular conversation...

Saturday:  Even worse than Friday, if that's possible.  This is the night I am thankful to be such an accomplished DVR Ninja...cuz I watch all the shows I DVR'd throughout the week.

Sunday Night:  This is my YING and YANG night.  Two of my absolute favorite shows.  SISTER WIVES and DOWNTON ABBEY.  (I'm pretty sure the title of those two shows have never been in the same sentence before.)   

Please stop sending shocked emails asking how I can find all the time to watch all this useless, trashy television. 

I refuse to be judged...and you can thank me later...

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  1. Let's see, my favorite shows:
    Sunday - Once Upon A Time, Resurrection, Revenge, and any awards show this time of the year
    Weekdays - Dancing With the Stars, America's Got Talent, Project Runway (all when they're in season), Blacklist, Big Bang Theory, Forever, and I'm a sucker for classic tv shows (in the Pacific NW it's MeTV on channel 72) like MASH, Emergency, Hogan's Heroes, etc.
    Been doing more sewing lately, so not watching as much evening TV.