Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Figge Day Lunch Location

So -- okay - it's still Mary's Figge Day. We saw some wonderful art. And I love the look of these pieces. A cross between a sculpture, a stained glass window, and a Christmas Tree light string...

So, after such a beautiful, inspiring morning at the Figge -- our lunch should be something special. AND -- REMEMBER WE ARE in DOWNTOWN DAVENPORT. So -- where should we go???
Two blocks away -- the stunning, recently remodeled, historic Blackhawk Hotel!!
Mary and Phyllis at the Bix Bistro -- the restaurant inside the Blackhawk.
They spent MILLIONS of dollars renovating this hotel, and the results are stunning.
I can't afford to eat here often -- but -- hey -- LUNCH will be about a $20. We can treat ourselves, eh?
AND THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS. I had a pork belly rueben. I LOVED IT...
Along with pumpkin soup??  I'm getting hungry, just remembering the delightful food...
After lunch -- we reconvened in the lobby. SAY WHAT???
So -- that's my tip for the day, folks. Whether you're in your hometown, or traveling -- if you want to eat at the most expensive restaurant in town -- GO THERE FOR LUNCH.

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