Monday, November 24, 2014

Tie One On Day

Welcome to Thanksgiving week. I hope this is a happy time for you and you are looking forward to being surrounded by your family and friends. I hope you love all the wonderful things that come with this grand American family holiday. Getting the extra beds ready for out of town company -- shopping for the groceries....baking your special pumpkin pies, your Grandma's stuffing or Aunt Glad's cranberry salad...
God knows there's PRESSURE to make the perfect turkey...

BUT -- there are people you know who may not be having a Norman Rockwell experience. Many people, through no fault of their own, are lonely during this time of year. They don't have warm, fuzzy families or giving, caring friends who include them. Today would be a good time to reflect on that -- and think about what you could do to include them in your holiday.

Which is why I love the whole concept of Tie One On Day. EllynAnne Geisel, author of The Apron Book, created this day and I LOVE IT. You should go to her website to read more about it: Apron Memories
In a nutshell -- on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, you use an apron to wrap a gift of food and deliver it to somebody who just might need a lift. Consider it a random act of kindness...paying it forward....

It was an honor for me to interview EllynAnne for Inspired To Sew magazine. Click on the link to read the story -- and then, I'm sure you'll want to TIE ONE ON this week!!

There are only two must personally deliver your apron/food/gift...and you must include a hand-written note. You can do it. I will, too.


Because I cannot go to her house to personally deliver an apron -- I'm sending this crappy-blog-version of a Tie One On gift to my friend Eileen.  She lost her mother last week...and I would really like to give her a hug.  Her Mom lived the Tie One On principal every day....and there is no better teacher than a good example.

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