Saturday, November 15, 2014


Every summer, we have a wonderful event here in Iowa -- it's the Iowa Writer's Festival at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. There are only 12 students in each workshop -- the faculty and attendees come from all over the world. THAT's where I learned how to write a blog (kinda...)...and THAT's where I met Carol Bodensteiner....(you should know they disapproved of writing in caps, and using multiple periods in run-on sentences)...

This is me, in a workshop. WE ALL ARE THIS FOCUSED...

Carol Bodentsteiner
When I first met her, Carol was working on her first book. She wrote a memoir, "Growing Up Country" -- and I have very fond memories of how my book club shared that book with a wonderful group of seniors living in at "The Fountains".  At the end of our sessions, we served them a potluck supper with soup casseroles and Jell-O salads.  (we were all wearing aprons).

Carol has written her first novel,  "Go Away Home"

I loved this book -- and I didn't want it to end.

Set in pre-WW I Maquoketa, Iowa -- this book tells the story of Liddie -- a young woman who LOVES TO SEW. Maybe that's why I identified with her from the very first page.

Liddie and her sister and mother wear "wrappers" -- and I never really understood THAT is what my Grandma Little always wore. Her apron was big, and full-sized, and crossed over her back...and OF COURSE she would have called it a wrapper. My very favorite apron IS, IN FACT -- A WRAPPER...

There were so many things in this book that resonated with me. Especially Liddie's love of sewing...and the pride she took in making things, mending things. The time and place is Maquoketa, Iowa right before the start of World War One.

I wrote a review for Amazon...go here for the link.

I had already purchased Go Away Home and was nearly finished reading it when I received this email from Carol, with this special offer:

Special offer for Book Clubs

The 'war to end all wars' began 100 years ago in April 1914. Though the United States didn't send troops into action until 1917, the country was hearing about the war, and many were involved, well before then.

In the months ahead, we can count on hearing more about WWI, about the men and women who fought and about the war's impact on the home front.
2014 Readers' Favorite silver medal winner for historical fiction.

You can learn more about the WWI home front by choosing a WWI-era novel like Go Away Home for your book club to read.                              

The Offer: Order 5 or more paperback copies for the discounted price of $10 per copy. I'll sign each copy, include bookmarks, and ship the books FREE to one address.

In addition, if you wish, I'll participate in your book club discussion, in person where it's practical or via Skype when distance is too great.

The Book Club offer is good through December 31.

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Rising Sun Press  92 NE 64th St.  Des Moines, IA 50327 ***********

This is a GREAT OFFER -- and I could hardly wait to order five books for my book clubbers. It will be their Christmas gift -- and I am looking forward to them reading Go Away Home.  When we're ready -- we're going to invite Carol to come for our discussion. (or maybe we'll go to her).

If you have a group of sewing friends -- this would be a GREAT GIFT for ya'll to give to each other. Order the five books (or 25, depending on the size of your sewing circle) and it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

If you read it AFTER the holidays (that's our plan) -- you can join in our group discussion. (no date yet, it depends on our slowest reader)...

This could be SO MUCH FUN.....(yes, both caps AND periods...)


  1. Just bought it on my Kindle! Will TRY to wait until after Christmas to read :-)

    1. GREAT, Laura. I think you WERE Liddie in an earlier life. I'll let you know when we're having our book club discussion -- maybe we can do it on Facebook??

  2. We had such fun at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival that year, Rita! Your final essay had us all rolling in laughter. I'm so grateful that our friendship has continued.

    Thanks for reading, reviewing, and sharing the news about my book club deal on Go Away Home. You're the best.