Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Girlfriend Day Trip: Part #1:


It isn't hard to do, people.  You decide on a Tuesday, call your friend, Google a halfway point -- and hop in your car Wednesday morning.  
Then, you stop at Casey's for some JAVA...
At the ATM for some cash...

Of course, the most important element of this spontaneous adventure is that you need to have a friend you would enjoy spending a day with.
My friend Becky and I met when we were 18 years old.  And whenever we manage to get together, it's like we get to be those optimistic, free-spirited, fearless girls again...
Can you guess the town that is our half-way point?
That's right! DeKALB, Illinois. We love this town, and for the last four years, it has been "OUR town"

We met at the Goodwill store outside of town, then were headed to a park.  It was a beautiful day...but we made a wrong turn...we thought this house looked interesting...
Maybe some kind of museum..??
There MUST be a story about this tower, eh?  And the parking lot is FULL.
We started taking pictures even before we knew where we were, or what this place was about.
Even after we read the sign, we still had no clue...
So I will give you a hint...and -- OH YEAH -- this is going to be interesting!!

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