Friday, October 10, 2014

Sharalan's Plastic Rugs

A part-time member of the TMBC is cousin Sharalan. (she is a cousin to the other three members, but not to me -- it's complicated). Sharalan is a snowbird -- which means she spends the winter in Texas -- so she isn't always available for breakfast.

But this summer, she enjoyed being part of our Tuesday morning fun and games. And she got in the swing of things with a "SHOW AND TELL" that I thought was sheer genius...

Can you figure out what this is??
It is a PLASTIC RUG...!!
And it's made out of strips of plastic grocery store bags...
Apparently, Sharalan has become quite the collector of colorful bags!!
The magic starts to happen when you cut a bag into one LONG, CONTINUES STRIP...
We all thought this was a dandy idea. It is the ULTIMATE RECYCLING PROJECT.

Sharalan offered to have us over to her house for a breakfast eat and teach....


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