Friday, July 5, 2013

Yoder's Department Store

On our first night in Shipshewana -- Rhonda and I went to Yoder's Department Store. They were open late because of the quilt show -- and Rhonda told me I would LOVE THIS PLACE.

If I don't get distracted (which often happens) -- I will write several posts about Yoder's...but this first entry MUST BE ABOUT THEIR SHOE DEPARTMENT.

It was, without a doubt, the most amazing shoe department I have ever had the privilege to shop in...and -- PLEASE REMEMBER -- I HAVE SHOPPED THE NORDSTROM RACK STORES....


  1. No comments yet?? That's because we're all speechless!!! Those shoes are gorgeous!!! Did you succomb to temptation and buy any?

  2. Oh, yes, Beckie -- I BOUGHT SHOES. I tried on several pairs -- and walked around the store hopefully in the beautiful multi-colored leather clogs -- I ended up with the pair I was trying on in the third shoe picture. And NOW I MUST MAKE AN OUTFIT that matches. Although I am already regretting NOT buying the Patrizia sandals... so I MAY HAVE TO GO BACK...