Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Technology -- Friend or Foe?

Technology has changed our lives. Forever. No doubt about it. And I do try to keep up....I have a smartphone and I know how to use it. One of the BEST things that happened last year is that I got a Motorola phone (they ROCK) and Ross has the same phone. So I have my own personal smart-phone trainer...WHAT FUN...

Ross helped me download music ring tones. When I hear Carol King singing "You've Got A Friend", I know it's Val calling. If Kelly Clarkson sings, "My Life Would Suck Without You" --  it's John.

Then -- there's You Tube!! HOLY COW. Last month, when the dishwasher quit working, John was thrilled with ALL THE VIDEOS he could watch on YouTube -- showing actual repairmen taking dishwashers apart...it was SO HELPFUL...

Ross showed me how to do voice-texting. Which is sooo way cool because it was painful for me to type text messages. It is SO MUCH EASIER to talk into the phone...so now, on a daily basis, I text with Ross and Elliott and Emily and my nieces and nephews...I am delighted with my new skill...

Mostly delighted. Every now and then, there is a feature called "auto-correct" that gets a word wrong....and sometimes it can be funny -- or painful...

Here is an exact exchange on my cellphone: Monday, July 8. Elliott's birthday. They just got home from having dinner out...

10:57pm Elliott: We have a ton of water in the basement again.
10:58pm Mom: Do you want me to bring up the shop vac?
11:00pm Elliott: No we got it.Is the sump pump supposed to have water in the hole?
(of course, I was working on my laptop when he called)
11:04pm Mom: Google says yes.
11:05pm Elliott: how much?
11:09pm Mom: I am watching some porn videos on YouTube
11:10pm Elliott: What?
11:15pm Mom: I am watching SUMP PUMP videos on YouTube...

My last response took 5 minutes because, of course, I had to TYPE IN the words...and I was laughing so hard, I could not see the right letters...



  1. TOO FUNNY!!!!!
    My Droid kept thinking that I wanted Thanksgiving every time I typed "th". Finally turned off auto-correct.

  2. Mine cannot spell my kids names.