Saturday, July 20, 2013

Les Miz

This has been a summer full of wonderful of theater....and I am fortunate to have so many interesting people to GO WITH. One of the highlights -- FOR SURE -- was the Countryside Community Theater in Eldridge, Iowa, doing Les Miserables. Of course, this is JUST THE RIGHT production for me and my book clubbers. I do SOOO LOVE the music from Les Miz.

Because of a miscalculation on my part (I was making supper for my brother, who was batching it that week) -- the rest of the clubbers went out for dinner BEFORE the show. OF COURSE THEY DID....

But I caught up with them in time for coffee -- and we still got to the theater in plenty of time. We all enjoyed the show  (even though the guy with the French Horn was more or less terrible -- Sandy wanted to beat him with it...).

We went on Senior night -- and the tickets were only $7. WHAT A LOT OF ENTERTAINMENT for a little bit of money.

At one point, Linda K. leaned over and said to me, "we are so lucky to have such great theater in this area -- and for such a cheap price!"

No kidding. The girl who sang the part of grown up Eponine was so good, we read the program to see where she was from.   She is a senior at an area high school -- so it will be fun to follow her next year. I'm SURE we'll hear her sing again.

Having this production was a big risk for the Countryside Community Theater. It costs a lot of money to get the rights to the musical, not to mention building the revolving set -- and ALL the period costumes. People with wonderful singing voices came from all over the midwest to audition for this production. WELL DONE, PEOPLE!! You did a terrific job.

And -- at the end of the play, my face was wet with tears...just like the last time I saw it -- in New York City...

Here we are -- moments AFTER pie at the Village Inn. I am delighted to get a picture that night -- because I love, love, love Sandy's long dress. WAY TO GO, GIRL...

You can STILL GET's running tonight and tomorrow. You will be listening to the CD for many weeks to come...and Les Miz does what art is SUPPOSED TO DO. It makes you think. It makes you grateful. And it makes you wnat to do better...

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