Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sewing Chuckles

I MISS YOU GUYS...Thanks for all the well wishes about the new baby in the family. Little Warren and his people are doing fine. (There will be pictures at a later date.)

With the holidays, Christmas, New Year's, new baby, Sew Expo (online registration launched the day the baby came home from the hospital)... I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

BUT I MISS BLOGGING. And -- believe it or not -- I haven't been able to spend five minutes on Pinterest!!

So -- what can I do to get back to normal? How about SEWING SOMETHING TACKY ON MY SHOWER CURTAIN?? Of course that's the first thing I'd think about doing...

I hang up a snowflake shower curtain for Christmas -- so once-a-year I launder the regular shower curtain and the plastic liner.  Every year, when I'm getting it out of the dryer -- I decide to add a little something-something...last year I accidentally put this on upside down (I SWEAR it was unintentional)...

AND it has given me a chuckle every day. So, I picked out a very random t-shirt to add to the shower curtain. Maybe a little t-shirt fringe on the edges to coordinate with my new polka dot rug...

Yes -- things you need to know about Chuck Norris...

I was right. This is exactly what the shower curtain needed.

AND it's exactly what I needed, too. Sewing AND laughing -- all at the same time.

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