Monday, January 14, 2013

Mom's Clothesline

My sister Deena sent this to me the other day -- and IT BROUGHT BACK SO MANY memories. I have an entire board on Pinterest about clotheslines...and whoever wrote this hit it RIGHT ON THE HEAD...and it seems appropriate that I should share it with you on a MONDAY...
Remembering Mom's Clothesline
There is one thing that's left out. We had a long wooden pole (clothes pole) that was used to push
the clotheslines up so that longer items (sheets/pants/etc.) didn't brush the ground and get dirty.
You have to be a "certain age" to appreciate this one....
(But you YOUNGER ones can read about "The GOOD ol' days"!!)
I can hear my mother now.....
(If you don't even know what clotheslines are, better skip this.)
1. You had to hang the socks by the toes... NOT the top.
2. You hung pants by the BOTTOM/cuffs... NOT the waistbands.
3. You had to WASH the clothesline(s) before hanging any clothes - walk the entire length of each line with a damp cloth around the lines.
4. You had to hang the clothes in a certain order, and always hang "whites" with "whites," and hang them first.
5. You NEVER hung a shirt by the shoulders - always by the tail! What would the neighbors think?
6. Wash day on a Monday! NEVER hang clothes on the weekend, or on Sunday, for Heaven's sake!
7. Hang the sheets and towels on the OUTSIDE lines so you could hide your "unmentionables" in the middle (perverts & busybodies, y'know!)
8. It didn't matter if it was sub-zero weather... clothes would "freeze-dry."
9. ALWAYS gather the clothes pins when taking down dry clothes! Pins left on the lines were "tacky"!
10. If you were efficient, you would line the clothes up so that each item did not need two clothes pins, but shared one of the clothes pins with
the next washed item.
11. Clothes off of the line before dinner time, neatly folded in the clothes basket, and ready to be ironed.
12. IRONED???!! Well, that's a whole OTHER subject!

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  1. I remember the clothes line. In the winter my mom would hang the clothes in the basement. What I remeber the most is the bag that held the clothes pins. My mom spent a lot of time making just the right one. Of course my mom followed the same rules.
    Ever wonder who made up all those clothes line rules?