Monday, March 12, 2012

Sew Expo Diet

I'd like to recommend the "Sew Expo Diet". Even though I was eating candy bars every hour on the hour -- along with snacking on peanuts and cheetos -- consuming thousands of calories of fattening foods for ten straight days -- I LOST FIVE POUNDS.


The key, of course, is that I walked every minute of every day for seven straight days.

On Wednesday night -- after spending the day in the cold rain with Ann getting people to and from the Poulhamous building -- I woke up at Joanne's house with terrible cramps in my upper thigh. That had never happened to me before -- and the pain dropped me to the floor.

I'm such a wimp -- I wanted to call #911. Then, I remembered to get in the shower...

Because of his diabetes, John gets muscle cramps all the time...and cramps often send him into the shower in the middle of the night.

I have not been nearly as sympathetic as I should have been.

Anyway -- if I can quit talking about the horrible thigh cramps -- this might be a whole new way to market Sew Expo...come to Puyallup and RUN YOUR A-- OFF..!!

Next time, I'm going to wear a pedometer....maybe I'll have a "pool" to guess how many miles Rita can walk in a day?? We could make it a competition...

Okay -- I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here in Iowa. And the FIRST order of business is to work on the 1600 pictures I have on my camera. I put them all onto my laptop. The problem is that when I see one of those "thumb prints" on the screen -- and I select it to upload onto this blog -- a completely different picture appears.


It just could be the goofiest thing my computer ever did to me...

My intention was to write about my "Sew Expo DIET". So I was looking for pictures of candy bars..bags of chips....and other high calorie junk food.

This picture came out fine -- it's the DONUT GUY at Pike Place Market. (After the show -- my sisters forced me to go on food tasting tours and eat delicious meals every single night at wonderful waterfront seafood restaurants...)

This was supposed to be a picture of me, working on my computer, surrounded by a big bag of chocolate bars, and salty snacks...instead, I got this lovely woman...and I do think the jacket is beautiful...but after three attempts at uploading my computer-surrounded-by-chocolate-bars pics -- I finally just gave up....

THIS was a picture of a pan of noodles they were serving for lunch. Instead, I got this picture of an embroidered totebag...WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THESE DARNED PICTURES??
WAIT -- THIS ONE CAME OUT RIGHT. Me, eating a delicious Fisher scone with raspberry preserves...good job, Canon Super shot...

And Kathy gave me a box of delicious cake balls. THESE WERE SO AMAZING...

In the past, I've always known what I was blogging about -- and I picked the pictures to go with the topic. However -- with this latest development -- maybe my NEW blogging game will be to upload three RANDOM pictures -- and then see if I can write something pertinent!

Humm....that could be an interesting way to do things. Kinda like a "mystery quilt"...??

I'm starting to like the idea...

If you have any idea what's going on with my pictures, or how I can fix it -- please email

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  1. And I gained half a pound....but I lost it this
    Laura in Puyallup