Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Runway FINALE

With all the hub-bub in my life about PUYALLUP -- you might think I've totally lost track of my reality television shows.


I am completely caught up -- even with the most recent episodes of the disgusting yet fascinating "Dance Moms".

And OF COURSE I have watched every episode of Project Runway All-Stars. There has never been a moment of doubt that Mondo would win. He's just that good. He's one of those people who actually IS CREATIVE. Every week, it's his design I am most eager to see.

Here's a picture of his designs that SHOULD HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP during his original season on Project Runway....
At the end of this season -- I have several observations.

Austin Scarlett should have been way more successful at this point in his life. Did he say his mother was living in a shelter? Are you kidding me? Didn't they pay him for his season of Project Runway? Didn't he get a big job with a wedding design house? How about the show he did with Santino?? For crying out loud, Austin -- GET A JOB AT WALMART!!

Austin's clothes this season have been overworked and forgettable. And his collection tonight will be more of the same. Too much of everything...too much pleating and tucking and pinching and fussing and embellishing....

Whereas, in contrast, Michael is the complete opposite. His caftans are not worked darts, no fit, no waistline, no way to wear a bra, absolutely no STYLE -- and no woman I know would be caught dead in one. (dead would mean you are laid out in your coffin -- and can you just imagine what his plunging-to-the-waist neckline will do for you then??)

But I digress...

Mondo wins. He wins because his collection will be the best. He wins because every week, I can't wait to see what he made. He wins because his clothes are full of personality and energy and point of view.

But Mondo also loses. Because this season of Project Runway All-Stars has shown him to be an immature, childish, hard-to-be-around and impossible-to-work-with because he-thinks-he's-all-that insufferable DIVA of a designer.

Really. From the beginning of the season -- Mondo was down at the mouth -- always complaining or whining about something. Every episode, he turned into the depressed whiner....on the verge of quitting the show or committing suicide. Before he could produce a single thing -- he had to drag himself down into a bottomless pit of sadness and depression. Then -- miraculously -- HIS FABULOUS DESIGN WOULD MAGICALLY APPEAR ON THE RUNWAY...the judges would rave and give him the win.

Even though -- at the end of the day -- what he produces is fabulous -- I predict Mondo will never get a real job.



  1. I had to give up on this show because, well, I wasn't a judge. I am so surprised Michael didn't win as he was clearly a judge/producer favorite in spite of obviously more talented people.
    I got better bang for my tv mileage with Downton Abbey and Doc Martin. Big Bang Theory, too.

  2. I wasn't happy with Mondo's negativity last week either, but he does come up with some awesome stuff!
    I'm glad he won.