Friday, November 20, 2009

Vancouver sewing show

Here's a long-lost picture from last year's EXPO. This picture was taken right after Jan presented me with the "Hey Rita" tote. You can see she's carrying her own sister-version...and THIS IS THE WOMAN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR if you're going to the Quilt Sew Craft Festival this weekend...

here's a note from jan:

BEWARE!!! BE ON ALERT!! The "hey rita sister bag" is on the move to Vancouver, WA tomorrow, to the Quilt Sew Craft Festival, ALONG WITH the famous "rita's sew fun blog recycled jeans challenge" jackets!!!! We will be wearing the jackets - so do ya think anyone will recognize us from the bag or the jackets?!!!! We will take a pic if they do!!!! Byeeee, jan and bonne "inspired2sew"

(note from Rita -- HEY -- tomorrow a VIDEO!! Guess what song I picked?)

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