Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deborah's Quilting Group & Jenny Haskins

My sister, Deborah, lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She drives to Sew Tech in Evansville, Indiana to take embroidery classes. (Their phone number is 812-477-8477, and the owner's name is Lisa. Email is:

The quilt they're making is Sharman's Vintage Garden, designed by Jenny Haskins.

Deborah did NOT send a picture of herself. But, after much begging on my part -- she did send some pictures of the OTHER students. Eleven ladies in the class -- and one woman is making THREE OF THESE QUILTS. Deb said "that woman has the new big honker machine & can sew it in one hooping...There are three sisters in this class I'm almost sure 2 have never done anything like this."

The class meets once a month. Started in Aug-March

This isn't Deborah's first quilt. I'm hoping she sends me some pictures of her "Beyond the Color Purple" quilt which is stunning. I believe this is a picture of their teacher -- Nancy Hastings -- who has taught Beyond the Color Purple at least 3 times--Moulin Rouge-& now Sharman's Vintage Garden.

GREAT, GREAT JOB, LADIES...if you happen to read this post -- let me know your names. I'm hoping Deb keeps the pictures coming -- we'd love to see your finished quilts!!


  1. Loved the photo's from this class! I had the luxery of taking a class from Simon earlier this year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Becky P. is first picture Vicki is second. Did you come down with Deb and I missed you? I had heard that you were going to be here during January class. Later, Lisa of SewTech