Sunday, November 29, 2009

Faux-Grandma Day

Life is about those big stunning moments. Getting married, having a baby, elaborate holiday celebrations. But if you're doing it right -- it's also about the ordinary, everyday moments. My niece, Nicole, gave birth to Parker 12 years ago. Wow. It just doesn't seem possible Parker is in the 6th grade already. Nicole and her sister Amy (these are my sister Ronda's girls) gave birth to seven children. WHAT BLESSINGS, EH?

When Parker was born, I volunteered to babysit "one day a week"...and I've been doing it ever since. My rule is "one kid at a time -- one day a week." Right now, when I'm home -- the little guy who comes here is 3-year old Cash.(who you've met before) His two older brothers, Cale and Garrett have both spent their time at Aunt Rita's house. We play games, do puzzles, have conversations, go birdwatching, occasionally we sew and we ALWAYS cook. They especially like to cook. On this special day, they invited me to their school for "Grandparents Day". We made a turkey craft. I'm a lucky, lucky aunt...

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