Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sister Tote VIDEO

No blog ever had better friends than the Jan & Bonne sewing duo. Here's an email and some pics they sent me yesterday -- AND I just realized this is YET ANOTHER RITA TOTE. My bag is the "Hey Rita" tote. I showed a picture yesterday of the "Rita, Over Here" tote. AND the bag in the video is the "Rita Where Are you Tote". I'M FAMOUS!! THANKS fdor sharing, girls!!

Hey Rita!

Here are a few pics from the adventures of Bonne, Jan, and the "Rita wanna be bag" :-)

We were in need of a mini sewing adventure as we await the ever AMAZING EXPO!!!

We took the day off from work, left the husbands to fend for dinner on the own and went to the Vancouver Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival.

We were fortunate enough to be able to catch just a couple of our favorite Expo Vendors between customers for some bag shots. We had such a great time!!! Everyone knows you and they were more than happy to pose for pictures!

Jan insisted we had to have a bathroom pic! I'm pretty sure all the women in the restroom at the time must have thought they were witness to two women with highly questionable sanity LOL!!!

Hope you have a GREAT THANKSGIVING! Bonne & Jan, Inspired 2 Sew

Rochelle's - note the shears through the head just for you!
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