Monday, November 23, 2009

Project Runway FINALE

SURPRISE, SURPRISE. Irina wins Project Runway, Season 6. Was there ever a doubt? I watched the Finale with absolutely no sense of suspense. Much like “Dancing with the Stars” this week – the Finale was a foregone conclusion. (If Joanna & Derek had made it through on DWTS, THEN there would be a Finale – but if Mya doesn’t beat both Kelly and Donny -- it proves there is no dancing in heaven.)

Sorry - I digress. It's just that, even after watching the BIG PROJECT RUNWAY Season 6 FINALE three times -- I don't have anything pithy or interesting to say about it. (maybe that's the problem -- I kept falling asleep -- and I had to watch it THREE times before I actually saw everybody's collection..?? hummm..)

Irina deserved to win. No question. Every single week, her sewing was impeccable. She made pants, coats, dresses – long, short, fitted, loose. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t design and then sew. But her all-black collection in the Finale was boring. Also, I thought it was stupid that they made her switch out her purchased t-shirts -- which she intended to cut up and repurpose. How is that any different than using a print fabric? NOT that any designer in Season 6 would ever think of using a print…come to think of it, maybe there IS A BAN…??

Personally, the three outfits I remember from the FINALE all came from Carol Hannah. Her opening garment (pictured here) was a show-stopper and her 13th look, the blue one-shoulder long draped gown was exquisite.

The one single garment I will MOST REMEMBER from the entire season came from Carol Hannah in the Finale -- her upside-down-Christmas-tree dress.

But --I knew Irina was going to win....The judges even liked her goofy hats. Which we will NEVER see anywhere on the planet after today.

The big injustice was that the vapid Althea came in SECOND. Are you kidding me? Althea thinks Harem Pants done with a capri leg will be THE NEXT BIG THING?? Right. Just what America needs. A new style that will make us look hippier...I thought her "collection" was a tired, poorly made mess. As far as I'm concerned, Althea didn't have one memorable outfit either in this Finale OR in the 13 episoides preceeding it....

Here they are, on the runway. At this point, I knew Irina was going to win. But the shocker was that Althea beat Carol Hannah. Ugh. I still can't believe it. WHAT SHOW WERE THE JUDGES WATCHING?? And both Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were there, too. Maybe I can blame that little old lady who was judge #3. Who was she, anyway? Where do the no-name judges come from? Do you think they're bidding for their spot on ebay? I wouldn't put it past Lifetime. Somebody should check that judge out, tho -- she's probably Althea's Grandma...


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