Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As you well know -- I think about blogging every single day. And a HUGE part of writing this blog has been LEARNING HOW TO USE MY CAMERA. Because, most of the time, a picture really IS worth a thousand words...

Ross gave me a digital camera for Christmas several years ago. Frankly, it was lost in the trunk of my car for nearly a year. I lived most of my life NOT taking pictures. Really. I sucked at it. If, on rare occasions, I did remember to take a camera someplace -- it didn't have film in it. OR, even worse -- I would never get the film developed. ugh...

But I AM LOVING MY DIGITAL CAMERA. However -- It's just too small for me to keep track of. I lose it in my car, or in the house. I've left it in restaurants and at my sister's house. Ugh... Unlike my cellphone, I can't "call it" when I misplace it. But what has SAVED ME is the luggage tag Ann Sagawa gave me last year. GENIUS. It's mostly a big pice of fabric with a plastic "business card" envelope at one end. The other end just gets "tied" to my luggage. or, in this case, my tiny little CAMERA....

Most of the time, the people who find it are people who know me -- so THEY CALL. And, if I lose it in an airport or a tradeshow -- the luggage tag has at least made it possible for a "good samaritan" to do the right thing!!

THANKS AGAIN, ANN!! For a wonderful, most useful gift!!

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  1. Also... On your memory cards, take a picture of your business card so if somebody finds your camera and if they look at your pictures, they know who the camera belongs to!! (Tip I learned from a guy riding on an airplane flight hahaha)