Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Pie Party!!

So, it was a Saturday when LP and Don were coming to my house with their girls, Kim and Whitney. Since I have the kids every Saturday... getting ready for our company became a big part of the day's Grandma Camp.

Since I knew Linda and Don were taking the girls out to a nice restaurant for their birthday supper, I invited them to come afterwards -- for PIE..!!

Because the kids have 100 chickens at their house -- we always have PLENTY of eggs. So, we decided to make pies. Lemon Meringue Pie, and a Coconut Custard.

Warren and Lilly helped squeeze many lemons....and they rolled out the pie crusts (thank you, Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust)...

Lilly made the microwave lemon curd all by herself. This is HER FAVORITE FLAVOR...and that lemon curd is fantastic (thanks, Deena!)...
Lilly LOVES baking. We made two Lemon Meringue pies, and one Coconut Custard. With the leftovers, she made some small tartlets...
Our pies were PICTURE PERFECT.
Really -- the meringue turned out WONDERFUL.
We were so busy BAKING that day, the time just flew by. At 4:00, Emily called and said she'd pick up the kids by 5:00. When I told the kids their mother was on her way, Lilly said, "Wait. WE'RE NOT STAYING FOR THE PARTY??"

She seemed shocked...and soooo disappointed.

It never occurred to me that the kids might want to stay for the party.  Hummm...

Lucky for me -- Warren was NOT interested.  WHEW!!

As it turned out, Emily took Warren home and Lilly stayed for the party.  And nobody had a better time that her!!  She folded the napkins, took got out Aunt Rozella's silver, and ran to open the door when our guests arrived.  She took pie orders from everybody.  I think it was the first time she totally participated in an adult party -- and she enjoyed the conversation and being part of things.  

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