Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rita's Fat Fitness Fashions

Honestly, I have decided I am going to SEW MY WAY TO FITNESS!!  I can't remember when I enjoyed a sewing project so much.

Just the THREAT of  Fat Camp is making me so much more aware of my bad choices and horrible habits.  I'm eating fresh fruit and walking on my treadmill every day.

AND I am wearing actual SHOES instead of flip flops.  (that's a whole other post).

I've lost track of my camera -- so there are no "in progress" photos -- but at TMBC yesterday morning, LP took some pictures of the final outfit.  At first -- she read the words "SEW IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT, BE IT."  So now I have to change the first word...from SEE to SEW...and then it will be perfect.
The pants were a brand new pair of size 18 (which did NOT fit me)...but a great spandex knit.  I cut the bottom off...then opened the side seams...and added a new band of teal.  To go with my theme...
This is my next Franken-sewed project.  The teal yoke comes from a dressy top, the Brooklyn Bridge comes from a great graphic tee...and the striped side panels are a dress I'm about to cut up.  IT'S GONNA BE GREAT...

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