Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Thanksgiving

And, hey -- if you're reading this blog because your Thanksgiving sucks and you are feeling lonely and sad -- BUCK UP. You're not alone. Remember -- the very BEST thing about Thanksgiving is that it is JUST ONE DAY. That's all it is.

Read a book, take a nap, walk on the treadmill -- SEW A T-SHIRT DRESS.

Or, honestly -- forget doing anything worthwhile.  Eat whatever you want.  IT'S JUST ONE DAY. 

Last year, I told you to eat a pan of fudge.  That was then, and this is now...

This year, as you know -- I'm just getting back from Fat Camp.  So  I have a whole new mindset.

My friend Valerie turned me on to Healthy Choices frozen dinners!!  Yahoo.  They are on sale this week at HyVee -- and for only $2.50, you get a pretty darn tasty meal -- and you don't have to wash up any pots and pans!! 

Way better than you might think!!

Hey -- just fall into your television.  IT'S JUST ONE DAY.

Check out your favorite guilty pleasure channels. HGTV has a marathon of Fixer Upper, and BRAVO is doing a whole day of Housewives.  (you can thank me later).

If you have On Demand -- OH MY GOD, BINGE WATCH an entire series.  Get into Game of Thrones (I haven't done that one yet).  I watched the first six seasons of Nurse Jackie in about a week, and recently, I watched Newsroom with Jeff Daniels and I can't remember when I ever enjoyed a television show more.  There are only three seasons, so it's a good choice.

The New Season just started -- so catch up on "This is Us" on NBC.  But you must watch it from the first episode...Great writing, complex characters...

With On Demand, the possibilities are could watch five seasons of Dance Moms!! 

Thanks for reading my blog today. If you feel like you were nearly pecked to death by a turkey --  remember.  IT'S JUST ONE DAY.

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