Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fat Fashions Style Show

Getting ready for Fat Camp -- I've spent the last three weeks consciously changing my bad eating habits....trying to get back into a routine on my treadmill...and MAKING NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES.

 The weekend I was packing up, I decided to do an impromptu Style Show at my Aunt Ada's house.  TMBC came -- and here's what they saw:
I made this shirt two weeks ago, but decided to change the first word...
To something more appropriate!!
The back is much longer than the front.
I added the zebra side insert so this nice knit jacket could work.
You already saw this outfit.
the back is spectacular!
But this gets the prize for the BEST BACK of any fat camp outfit...great crochet, eh?
This is the perfect FRONT Of that shirt.
These three things -- a turq top, graphic tee (Brooklyn Bridge) and a knit dress...are about to be CUT UP...
I'll try to get a better picture at Fat's a great shirt!!
I want a dress to lounge around in...get it?  FRIDA..??  I am thinking 'FREE RITA"...

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