Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fat Camp Fashions

So far, signing up for Fat Camp is having a very good affect on me. I'm back on my treadmill, and I didn't eat A SINGLE HALLOWEEN CANDY BAR...

Yippee kayee!!

I'm also having fun designing my new line of FAT FASHIONS.

To determine my color palette, I started with the clothes in my closet (that no longer fit). I picked gray, black and teal. The plan is for all my tops to go with all my bottoms.

Some of you might already know this....but as your ass gets wider, your pants get shorter. It's simple math. So, I considered all my high-water pants and picked three pair that could be cut off and altered to be my Fat Camp pants.
The teal pants had some spandex, so all I did was CUT THEM OFF!!
For my gray pants, I used the material I cut off the bottom to create a new cuff, with a side vent. Pretty sweet, eh?
This sleeveless top was completely without personality -- until I added a graphic tee (size small) smack on the front.
At first, I used some hem tape to iron the new front panel in place. When you are sewing a knit on top of another knit, the hem tape saves you from all those little puckers. After I did that, I sewed some black edging to cover the raw edges (another hem cut off a black t-shirt). That stitching secured everything...
The reason I bought this shirt in the first place was because I liked the longer back...but to make it more interesting, I added a long t-shirt fringe at the shoulders.

Today's fashion active wear is spandex, and skin tight.  And, because I expect TO DO A LOT OF SWEATING, I don't want to have a wrestling match every time I have to use the bathroom... Obviously,  I'm not interested in the bicycle shorts look.  But I do want my Fat Camp pants to be shorter.

I was calling them "pedal pushers", but my friend Deanna told me that term hasn't been used since 1967....

So -- I am not making Pedal Pushers. It's official. I'm making CROPPED WORKOUT PANTS..!!

P.S.  If you doctor recommends you go to Fat Camp, it is tax deductible...

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